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Make a paid "Pro" version of the app instead of using multiple in-app purchase fir premium features.

I have no problem paying for good applications but dislike the method of using in-app purchases, as they do not stay with the application if you move to a new device, have multiple devices, or even change then ROM. If you want to see money from your development efforts, make a separate paid "Pro" version in the Google Play Market, but don't nickel and dime users with multiple in-app purchases.

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    Zane RossZane Ross shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

    Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! I just wanted to set a few things straight.

    First, in-app purchases are tied to your Google or Samsung account, depending on which store you downloaded Papyrus from. Purchases are automatically restored or enabled by Google Play or Samsung Apps on all devices you are signed into with that account. This means, if you get a new device, have multiple devices, or need to reinstall Papyrus, you only need to purchase the premium features once (as long as you use the same account). This is true for all applications in these stores (not just Papyrus) as it is handled by Google and Samsung. Please note, however, that it can sometimes take a little while for purchases to show up on other devices or after just installing Papyrus (usually it’s instant though).

    Second, we’re always trying to figure out the best business model for us and our users so we can continue to make Papyrus the best note-taking app. We currently offer different paid features individually so users can choose what they want, rather than having one higher priced option (such as a “pro” version or single in-app purchase). Each feature we add to Papyrus is not a new paid feature. In fact, we’ve added many features to the free version of Papyrus over the past year, and we will continue to do so.

    Please feel free to continue to provide constructive feedback here about pricing models and what you would like to see!


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      • DonDon commented  · 

        Keep doing in - app purchases. It helps motivate you to fix things we want and it let's us know that you didn't just walk away. Please just make multiple devices sync so our updated are everywhere and we don't have to pay twice. Keep up the great work!!

      • Alexander SchwartzAlexander Schwartz commented  · 

        If I bought the newest premium feature, I would have paid like 8€ (about $10,80) for the app. That's too much for me. No other app, I've ever bought, was more expansive than 5€. And usually, that's it, then. No additional costs.
        I'd like a pro version with all features for a fixed price. And I think everyone who has spend that price for premium features in the current app, should get the pro version for free.

        Too bad, I had been waiting for the pdf import feature for quite a while, actually...

      • John MacJohn Mac commented  · 

        Yes what Zane Ross said. Also your asking us to pay for less than standard features in s note if you added features like scanned documents set as a background page or pages, allowing the docs to be selected and filled in then exported to clients etc.
        Also a set grid size and snap to grid feature, this alone would be a feature worth paying for as they don't exist in s note.
        Don't forget make it a trial version so we can test it and give feedback or buy it, thanks.
        Email me if you do any of these ideas.

      • CarolCarol commented  · 

        In app purchase ripped me off. Im pissed. It will not show in my purchase section in samsung apps. Last time I will actually fucking pay for an app...

      • MarkMark commented  · 

        I think if the options for in app purchases are significant and well ring-fenced, it gives users the option to but only the features they care about.

        It also encourages future development by funding new significant developments in the product because the can generate an income stream, unlike paid for apps where many sit stagnant because of lack of new interest and therefore income.

      • Christopher WilkinsonChristopher Wilkinson commented  · 

        Having a separate pro version of the app would leave it open to illegal downloads as people could just sideload the paid version. But an in app purchase to unlock all pro features is a better idea

      • Dolan DugDolan Dug commented  · 

        Don't listen to them. Make sure you have a good and steady money inflow. Make even more paid upgrades or come up with a paid update when you feel it's worth it. This app is too good to be abandoned early.

      • Rusty PedrosaRusty Pedrosa commented  · 

        Like Brian (comment posted Feb 16 2013) I agreed at first until I saw the admin comment (posted 12/12/12). However, I also like the idea of paying for a super expensive version that might cost more than all current modules, but is future-proofed by including access to future modules as well.

      • TinasheTinashe commented  · 

        why not leave the option (PRO OR IN APP) to the buyer

      • Sidarth DasariSidarth Dasari commented  · 

        I kind of like in app purchasing. Let's me only pay for what I'm using

      • Kelvin HammondKelvin Hammond commented  · 

        Glad to know this before making the in app purchases. I will not be buying the in app tools until there is a pro version so that I can get the features on all of my current and future devices.

      • MarkMark commented  · 

        I have three devices I want to use this app on but without the ability to synch and also type from a keyboard it's pointless and to have to make six separate in-app purchases is crazy. Just bring out the pro version and I will be one of the first in line to buy it.

      • Rob CaminosRob Caminos commented  · 

        I love the ala carte purchasing. If you do end up offering a pro version keep the fremium version to

      • doc.paycedoc.payce commented  · 

        In-app purchases are very intransparent and untrustworthy. Please make that "pro" version asap.

      • Justin McNairyJustin McNairy commented  · 

        Pelkey, there are few apps worth more than 20 bucks.

      • PelkeyPelkey commented  · 

        No offense but at $20 I'll use the S-Note app that came with my tablet. No Android app is worth 20 bucks.

      • Justin McNairyJustin McNairy commented  · 

        I understand that making Papyrus Pro for a small fee is not a way to go. You can still make one and can priced at least around $20 buck for more profit even thought the free one is cheaper. For the $20 buck Pro app, all the premium contents should be available and also future premium content for free only in pro app.

        People who have free version and purchased a premium contents before can still purchase future premium contents for a small fee.

        For both free and pro version I suggested, you get the best of both world.

      • Michael VogelMichael Vogel commented  · 

        Both models could co-exist: a pro version and a standard version with individual modules.

        The (more expensive) pro version will be a cool thing for buyers, because they are sure to get all future enhancements for free (and support the development).

        The standard version will be okay for everyone, who wants to pay only for one or two additional features.

        PS: I hope to see a 'Pro'version soon :-)

      • Kiet LeKiet Le commented  · 

        Expensive add-ons.

      • Brian GackenbachBrian Gackenbach commented  · 

        I initially agreed with this suggestion of a comprehensive paid version, but after the thoughtful explanation the support team provided, now agree with them. So long as mypurchaseis tied to my Google play store account and I can simply reinstall and retain the paid features on my devices, I think the present system works fine. I flash new roms all the time and some change my device ID, so long as I can still reinstall... I an Happy.

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