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Sync between devices

I would like to have my notes automatically appear on my other note devices with papyrus installed. E.g. Create a note on note 2 and it appears on my note 10 1. If possible allow editing too from that device.

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    Eleanor Hogan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    investigating  ·  AdminAndrew Hughes (Founder, Steadfast Innovation, LLC) responded  · 

    This is something we’ve been investigating since the app’s inception and we continue to investigate constantly. Syncing is a very difficult problem to solve, especially in regards to handwritten notes which can be combined with images and text. I don’t have any kind of ETA for when syncing will be supported, but rest assured this is a high priority for us. We appreciate all your feedback on this idea.


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      • Stefan Goergner commented  · 

        Please do it. Need it. I want to do this standard use case

      • Rolf commented  · 

        yesterday my note 10.1 got a black screen. it is a typical problem with the first note 10.1 after 2 or more years using.i still can backup all my data or put the sdcard into another android device. but the last squid notes I can not transfer or backup without root.. so if there had been sync ... no probs. or just using sdcard... please implement a simple sync or automated backup option. google drive, dropbox or the bestt privacy solution would be my personell own cloud on my own server...


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have had hundreds of apps from the first ipad , to using several android devices today. My opinion only, I think this app surpasses multiple top apps out there combined. Not being able to sync has been Trival at times, yet Ive managed due to the ease of using this platform. Im sure there are areas that can be eventually found to sync...... I just think you guys should really consider putting something up on the main page to accept donations in furthering technololgy....... You never know who really can just donate mind blowing donations that are really just appricative of whats already here......

        S incerely
        Q uick
        U nique
        I nsisting
        D exterity


      • Petr commented  · 

        Use Dropbox... it is easy.

      • Paul Zoulin commented  · 

        Honestly, even if you only had sync on a page level, it would be better than nothing. Just sync the page that has last changed, and if two have changed at the same time (since the last sync) then sync them both side by side as copies. This is basically how dropbox works (at least with dropsync).

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes yes yes. If that was an option I'd probably use this app more than Evernote.

      • Jaialai31 commented  · 

        As a contractor I am always in the field taking notes. Cross between my note 4 phone and note pro 12.1 tablet a must.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would definitely pay for the premium of being able to sync between my pc and mobile.

      • Chad R Harrigan commented  · 

        Currently I'm having issues when the pencil icon is selected & then go to write with it & it automatically changed back to the dotted lines writing style & soon as you pull your pen from the screen everything disappears...Can you help with these anomalies? Thx Chadharrigan@ymail.com

      • Volker Brand commented  · 

        don't try to rebuild a big solution like Evernote and so on, think easy, keep it simple, that's the charm of your Product.
        Maybe do in a way like this:

        At time of first saving of a new document, give every document an unique document id and build a hash over the document and sore it with the document in two values, as the "actual-hash" and "cloud-hash" value. (take care to use a function who can generate an unique ID asynchronous[offline] on different devices) take also care that the document name is a part of the document content, so if the name was change the hash changes also!

        Now you have every information to decide if an document can be updated exor should better save as a new Version

        after any saving of the document build a new hash over the document and store it as the actual-hash value, if the document is storing to the cloud then save the stored actual-hash as cloud-hash value to the file.

        Syncing to the cloud-store:
        direction "local -> cloud"
        for all local documents try:
        If the cloud is available and the local document ID is not existing on the cloud store, then copy the value actual-hash to cloud-hash and save the document on the cloud store.
        else (If the cloud is available and the document ID is existing on the cloud store) check:
        if the local document "actual-hash" == cloud document "actual-hash" -> document is in sync, do nothing
        else if the local document "cloud-hash" == cloud document "actual-hash" -> do save local document to the cloud-store (write over the cloud file)
        else ( the cloud document was changed by another device -> Migration conflict existing ->
        generate a new document ID and store the document local and to the cloud with a Version Info(Date_Time_Info) attached to the document Name (if the local document name differs from the cloud document name, merge the Names and attach the Version Info)
        direction cloud -> local:
        for all cloud documents try:
        if the cloud document ID is not existing on the local store, then copy and save the cloud document to the local store.

        That's all, such a solution is simple and in case of an Migration conflict, the user can decide if she/he wants to merge the documents or not.

        I hope you will read this and think about it, maybe you did it already.

      • André commented  · 

        just store data in files on SD or extSD.
        I see greed of taking paid for "cloud services" can be tempting, but NONE of these provide any privacy , while 3rd party non-clous based sync services do.
        If you want to be one of those that provide some privacy , unlike Evernote, onenote and others, you need to rethink this and provide files.

      • Russ commented  · 

        I agree with kgingeri.

        Andrew, is it possible you're over-thinking this? Synchronization at page level is sufficient for me: most recent revision copied across to other devices. The mechanism could even make use of the existing backup process over wifi so users aren't expecting instantaneous synchronizing.

        Sorry for cross posting, but I still think adding meta data (tagging) is the only thing you should be working on at the moment. Have a look at how Evernote does this - then do it better. If I could tag my notes (inline with the handwriting would be awesome!) and then push the pages tagged as "Actions" out to Trello via IFTTT or Zapier it would raise my productivity to a whole new level.

      • kgingeri commented  · 

        Andrew, even a master-slave (read-only slave even) sync would be a great first step. So I could refresh my sketches on a 'slave' device as either read-only or knowing that any changes will not be persistent (a bit ugly ;v).

      • Shahroze Wajid commented  · 

        It's the best note taking app and this feature is a must!!!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is basic for a cloud age.

      • rob commented  · 

        Me too

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