How do I move notes between notebooks?


To move a note, you must first select one or more notes to move. To select a note, long press on a note thumbnail. To select multiple notes, tap other note thumbnails after a single note has been selected. After selecting the desired note(s) to move, long press on any of the selected note thumbnails and drag and drop the notes into the desired notebook in the list.

Please be aware that notes cannot be moved out of the Recent Notes, Starred, or All Notes views. You must be in the Unfiled Notes view or any notebook to move notes.

Check out our Note Organization video:

Windows/Windows Phone

To move a note, long press on the note thumbnail and choose Move from the context menu, then choose the notebook you would like to move the note to.

If you only have one notebook and you want to move a note out of that notebook, long press on the note thumbnail and choose Remove from notebook.

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