How do I make a bulk purchase of Squid Premium for my classroom, school, or organization?

Squid Premium is available at a discount for bulk purchases, however, G Suite for Education does not currently support payments for Android apps. To work around this, we've released the Squid EDU Bulk License app on Google Play. Here's how it works:
  1. First, email us at so we can discuss the bulk discount and enable your school's domain.

  2. Sign into your G Suite for Education Admin Console.

  3. Approve both Squid and the Squid EDU Bulk License app for your devices. Optionally Force Install both apps. They both need to be installed on each device in order for the premium features to be unlocked.

  4. When a student or teacher first opens Squid, they will be prompted to sign in with the Google account on the device. This will only be used to validate that the premium features should be unlocked for their domain.
For help with installing and distributing Android apps to your Android devices or Chromebooks through G Suite for Education, please see this Google Play Help page.

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