How do I remove the 2017-2018 EDU Bulk License app?

The 2017-2018 EDU Bulk License app has expired and has been removed from the Google Play Store. To remove it from all devices you previously had it installed on, please do the following:
  1. In your Google Admin console (at
  2. Go to Device management > Chrome management.
  3. Click App Management.
  4. On the left under App Type, select Android Apps.
  5. On the left under Type, select My Configured Android Apps.
  6. Click
  7. Click User settings.
  8. Select the top-level organization.
  9. Turn off Force installation (if enabled).
  10. Turn off Allow installation.
  11. Click OK to acknowledge that the app and associated user data will be deleted from devices.
  12. Click Save.
The above instructions were adapted from this Google help page. If you need help, please see the Google help page for further details or contact your G Suite customer support.

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