How do I deploy Squid to managed Chromebooks?

There are two steps to deploying Android apps to G Suite managed Chromebooks: (1) approve the app in managed Google Play, then (2) it can be allowed for installation (and optionally force installed) on devices within specific organizational units (OUs).

Step 1: Approve Squid in managed Google Play:
  1. Sign in to managed Google Play using a managed Google Play administrator account.
  2. Go to Squid.
  3. Click Approve.
  4. To accept the app permissions on behalf of your organization, click Approve.
  5. Click Ok.
Step 2: Configure Squid in G Suite:
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console (using an administrator account).
  2. Go to Device management > Chrome management.
  3. Click App management.
  4. On the left, select Android Apps from the App Type filter menu.
  5. Click Squid.
  6. Click User settings.
  7. On the left, select the relevant OU from the Orgs tree.
  8. Turn on Allow installation.
  9. Optionally, turn on Force installation.
  10. Optionally, turn on Pin to taskbar.
  11. Click Save.
The above instructions were adapted from this Google help page. If you need help, please see the Google help page for further details or contact your G Suite customer support.

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