How do I redeem the Squid Premium Chromebook Perk?

Eligible Chromebooks get 6 months of Squid Premium for free. Follow these steps to redeem this Chromebook perk:

1. On your Chromebook, open the Chromebook Perks page.
2. Click the Get perk button on the Squid perk.
3. Read the terms and click Continue.
4. Click Allow for your Chromebook to be checked for eligibility.
5. Click Copy to copy the promo code to the clipboard.

6. Click Redeem on Google Play. This will take you to the Squid page in Google Play. If you do not already have Squid installed, tap Install. Once installed, tap Open.
7. Open the Squid settings and tap Upgrade to Squid Premium.
8. Choose the monthly subscription option (the promo code is not redeemable via the yearly subscription option).

9. Tap the payment method and choose Redeem code.

10. Paste the code copied in step 5, then tap Redeem.

11. Tap Subscribe (the free trial should now be shown in the Google Play dialog).

You can cancel your subscription at any time during the promotional trial if you don't wish to be charged at the end of the trial.

If you'd prefer to subscribe at the discounted yearly price, cancel your subscription before the end of the promotional trial. When the trial ends, subscribe using the yearly option.

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