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    I know that everyone has been waiting a long time for sync and I want to reassure you that it is high on our list of priorities. As users of Squid ourselves, it’s something we really want as well! We appreciate your patience.

    This is something we’ve been investigating since the app’s inception and we continue to investigate constantly. Syncing is a very difficult problem to solve, especially with regards to handwritten notes which can be combined with images and text and contain backgrounds from multiple PDFs. I don’t have an ETA for when sync will be supported, but rest assured this is a high priority for us. We appreciate everyone’s feedback on this idea.

    Shiraz Mistry commented  · 

    Hi Andrew (, I have been reading the comments and realise that is there a way we can assist you as users of the product. Are you in consultation with Google or other 3rd party vendors to assist with this sync issue? An ETA is an 'Estimated' time of arrival. I am sure that letting us know a rough time would be a good thing. We are not on tenterhooks waiting for you to reply with a date. How does this sound to you?

    Shiraz Mistry commented  · 

    This app support here is so bad and the founder (Andrew Hughes) is no longer interested in this forum.

    Just look at the date it was investigated and our collective responses.

    I personally have removed the app and am leaving this forum.

    Shiraz Mistry commented  · 

    You may have noticed I been keeping a keen eye on this topic as I think it is useful to customers. The last time I wrote was in March 2016. Today is 25 July 2016. I think we have been pretty patient as customers.

    It is a shame that we have no update from the Founder, Andrew Hughes. In the one instance he says this is a 'high priority' and yet we have no updates. Pretty poor form if you ask me.

    The lack of this feature does make me 1. Feel sad that this feature is taking long to build. 2. A lack of communication from anyone in Andrew's team (maybe he is just a team of one!) to update us. I am not asking for a finished product, but an update would be nice. Do you agree? 3. Makes me want to look for another product that can sync - fine that you take our money for development, I get that. However, what I do not get is poor customer service.

    Awaiting Andrew Hughes reply.

    Shiraz Mistry commented  · 

    Hi Andrew Hughes, It has been some time since you have given us an update to your progress on this very important feature that I can see many members are asking for.

    Would you please let the members know in the next few days? Before April would be nice. :)
    Many thanks, Shiraz.

    Shiraz Mistry commented  · 

    26 August 2015 - A new name (, but still no word from the company on the progress of this suggestion. Maybe the developer or developers have left the company. Maybe this is too hard a task. Who knows. It would be nice to get some update from Steadfast Innovation.

    Shiraz Mistry commented  · 

    I believe that the benefit of having an app like Papyrus to quickly jot down notes is the purpose of it. As the app has developed over time, I am happy to support (and pay for) the direction the team is taking. What I would like to see (and possibly a copy) is for sync to happen on my two Android devices. Maybe we can have an update from a member of the team since this suggestion began the investigation on Dec 21, 2014.

    ACTION: Can a member of the team update us, please?

    Shiraz Mistry supported this idea  · 

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