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    There are many challenges with supporting continuous scrolling between pages. For example, a note can contain pages with infinite size (the default background type), which can be scrolled infinitely within the same page (so you’d never get to the next page). Infinite backgrounds can also be mixed with fixed size backgrounds (including PDFs). There isn’t really a good way to support scrolling through pages in this way. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

    Adam commented  · 

    Several solutions have been proposed below, Andrew. The reality is that infinite pages are useful only for initial note taking. Annotating materials (which I suspect is most people's intended use for squid - students with textbooks, musicians with charts, contractors with blueprints) is only truly functional if the pdfs can quickly scroll from one page to the next (left & right swipe), scroll through many pages quickly (up & down swipe), and directly jump to a particular page. There's no reason that the software couldn't allow a user to turn on continuous scrolling, be warned if they have any infinite pages that these will convert to fixed sizes, and even turn off continuous scrolling to add a new infinite page.

    Personally, I will have to try some other software unless this feature is implemented. I'm sure you've already lost users over its absence.

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